top 10 future classics

only want to share this because I own 2 of them :smiley:

B-King MT-01


more like white elephants

1998 Honda Hornet 600 should have been on the list.

Honda express is the best classic

going to MOT mine tomorrow

if it passes ill be @ the jolly sailor with it

Yay got one too :smiley:

i say a bandit should be number one future classic

evryone had one loats about know but think in 10 years with the amount that get scrapped and the people who love them there going to be rare and worth a pritty penny

Surely the Honda C90 should in the top 10.

Don’t go there :wink:

Funny how the King was called overpriced?! You could buy then new for 8k! Most 600cc are that price now…

Given that the list ends with ‘any Harley Davidson, they’re all classics’ and its has two of Mian’s bikes in it
I’m ignoring it in its entirety :stuck_out_tongue:

954 blade, I think my favorite big sports bike

The only one I agree with is the Ducky 999 . The rest are nowt special or a parts bin concoction of bits of other bikes . I can’t think of any parts bin bike that has ever become a collection bike .

that’s already a classic.

I would agree with you except the 675 was an instant classic and not a single part came out of the bin except possibly the tyres…:smiley:

…but as somebody else said - any list that concludes that all Harleys are instant classics must be ****

Yea, bollocks, where is the Triumph Daytona 955i?

What a cwap list.

Yes the Honda C90 should be there, so should a few others.

But “classic” is a hopelessly ill-defined word that means whatever the user wants it to mean.

You just need to have an odd set of judgement criteria to come up with a list like that.

I would list things like … Aprillia falco , KTM 625 SMC , borile CR , BMW R1100 boxer cup ,honda X11 … It needs to be bikes that were there and then gone again before anyone really noticed .

I see it more as a list of ‘ten future classics’ as opposed to ‘the top ten classics from 10 down to number 1’

I’m surprised the Ninja A1P didn’t make the list. Not because I have one, honest!

Where is the Honda NSR 125 last of its kind.

Also thought the C 90 already was a classic.

Already a classic :D:D