Tooley Str Flooded (14May09)

Gf got a text from work saying that her offices are closed as Tooley str is flooded (again)

It certainly is!

I was turfed out of the Hilton at around 5 am this morning. Have been walking the streets like a zombie waiting for a cafe to open!

The road was closed from the On Your Bike cycle shop down to around the Unicorn theatre area.


yeah saw it on the tv, wat suprises me this only happened last yr same bloody place too.

Does anyone know if the road’s open enough for bikes to get down to either of the Tooley Str bike parks today?

Edit: Well I gave it a go this morning. If you sneak in via one of the tunnels that run perpendicular to Tooley Str, you’ll be OK. No police down that end telling you not to do stuff.


I tried this morning and Police are still blocking the road…fantastic, sitting there in a Range Rover
looking bored next to a road closed sign, diverting you back down Weston street (?)…no diversion signs, so had a great little detour of my own following a couple of scooters…:smiley:

Shoulda tried the other (Tower Bridge) end :smiley:


That is the end I was trying to get to…:wink:

Traffic announcment on the radio has just said it will take at least a week to fix.

all clear now. dropped off the GF and had no problem getting to MoreLondon

huh BBC said this morning that it was still closed:blink:

cant be the GF has been going there on her scoot (and I went on Monday)

Some of the offices are still closed as they dry out the basements. I know because I work there and I have to go to St Albans all week :frowning:

I presume the road is open though

I’ve been riding down the street since Monday.

And no, not through any water :slight_smile: the road is completely clear.