Tool Organisation

So after adorning the new garage with a new floor, painted walls and some new workshop furniture it’s now time to better organise my tools.

Been looking at the foam inserts for the 5 tool drawers. Initially I got a quote from a company for £890 to take my tools and laser cut 5 foam drawer inserts…:rofl:

So came across this company… Shadow foam

They offered a trial sample including both their varying types of foam and a scalpel to try it and see what you think for the postage costs only

So here’s the results:

Original Shadow foam

Shadow foam Easy peel

Not sure if the pictures show it but the original foam doesn’t leave as good a finish as it requires you to cut underneath the tool at an equal angle all the way round where as the easy-peel peels away in layers and gives a much better finish.

Unless anyone has any other suggestions think I’ll go with the easy peel

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Easy peel looks neater and probably easier to cut out as well.

Yea the easy peel has several layers bonded that with some tugging separate evenly so you cut to the depth you need and tug

Too posh for me, be careful the cost of the storage doesn’t exceed the cost of the tools :wink:

I use a pair of upcycled 15 drawer filing cabinets, each drawer is lined with a non-slip mesh mat and the tools are chucked in in an organised disorderly manner. An annual liberal spray of Triple QX maintenance spray minimises any risk of corrosion in my damp garage.

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way to organized for me I use tool tins & a tool chest

It’s partly because I’d lose my head if it wasnt attached or that I can stare at something and still not find it… :man_shrugging:

this way I can spot if somethings missing straight away and find what I want straight away

The Japanese studied this and found huge efficiency gains. Even having docks for pens saved lots of time.

Off topic - The Japanese are renowned for reinventing things. One of my favourite Japanese ‘re-inventions’ comes from the 1950’s when General Motors agreed to a factory visit by a delegation of Japanese motor industry engineers, as did Ford, Vauxhall, Uncle Tom Cobley and all. Amongst the notes taken back to japan was that American cars came fitted with cigarette ashtrays. The Japanese tended not to smoke but reasoned what’s the use of a cigarette ashtray and no cigarette lighter? End result all cars exported out of Japan were fitted with ashtrays and cigarette lighters, more all exports to USA included a pack of 20 Peter Stuyvesant’s in the glove box.

Back on topic - Absolutely correct Joby, compartmentalised tool trays are a Japanese reinvention of the tool roll.

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