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Tool in concert May 2022

Anyone manage to get tickets to see them in the O2 today?


You’re lucky you didn’t have a spanner in the works

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Hope you didn’t get screwed on the price

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I heard they’re a bit rusty these days.

Did you get seats 10mm and 11mm?

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He did but the ticket vendor had to be bribed to get such good seats. He decided to plier with alcohol

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Bet he doesn’t find one of them

Well how was the gig? Was it rivetting?

Never heard of them. I presume they play that drill music?

:rofl: can you guys stop screwing around!?

Was it a raw gig or were they plugged in?

You keep on going eh? Trying to hammer it in?

I’m just trying to understand how good it was…

Was it a spirited performance, at a similar level to other great bands?

Ps its next year

Not sure that Worx for me.

Unless they Makita Thursday…

In that case I bet you @Panagiotis decided to Decker when he realised he had to wait a year

You know something. I remember seeing a lad with a Tool T-shirt on in the 90s and I thought, “That poor lad has low self esteem.” Now it all makes sense. I feel like a right spanner.

that was a good one