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So need to stock the workshop with hand tools, my current set up of various makes/models/ bits missing is frustrating! Whilst I’d love to splash cash and fully kit it out with snap on tools I think like most things you’re probably paying extra for the name even if they are good tools.

So what other well built tool brands are out there? I know Halfords professional range gets a good rep but thought I’d ask opinions others, Teng, Mactools, etc etc

My stuff is a mix of Teng, Draper and Sealey. They done the job over the last 25 years of tinkering.

OMC was all Teng.

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I’ve the previous version of these for working on my Defender, had no issues in the 4yrs I’ve had them, and they come with a lifetime guarantee

Halfords Advanced 200 Pc Socket and Ratchet Spanner Set | Halfords UK

I’ve got Halfords advanced.
Lifetime guarantee where you just bring the broken one to Halfords and leave with a good one. Cheaper still with a trade card
Always one set on offer, wait for the one you want to be.
Don’t get ones with Imperial, they just take up space and you won’t use them (unless you work on really old British things).


Or Whitworth if it’s really old.

I have Teng stuff

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If your wanting it to be organised and uniformed stick wih one brand as much as possible .
If using cabinets/tool chests look at modular kits ( halfords advanced are what lurk in my collection)

I use Halfords Advanced, Same set for the past 11-ish years. Still going strong.

If I wanted to be a little more tarty I’d opt for Teng.

Bahco make some nice stuff too. The royal mail sorting office engineers use their stuff.

Snap-on stuff is very nice if you can afford it, but it’s designed to survive the rigours of being used day in & day out in professional garages & priced accordingly. For home maintenance, Halfords stuff is fine as too is Teng.

That said, I’ve recently discovered the joys of Wera stuff, particularly their Zyklop ratchets which are all kinds of practical, quality & all-round loveliness. A bit more expensive than Halfords/Teng, but nicer to use.

I’d also recommend getting a set of Vessel JIS screwdrivers. It’s so much nicer using a quality screwdriver made to fit the screws used on Japanese bikes than a Phillips which nearly fits properly.

For pliers & that type of thing, then Knipex stuff is the canine’s danglies…


Those ratchets are pretty smart!

I remember visiting Stace and seeing a zyklop ratchet for the first time. They’re wonderful things.

Indeed, I usually use the screwdriver socket attachment then ratchet to nip up but this makes that much easier! Think I’m sold on them just trying to find a dealer that stocks the range

Maybe D & M Tools - Power Tools, Hand Tools and Accessories

Facom is good or their slightly cheaper range: expert. I agree with the above though, can’t go wrong with Halfords professional

That’s <20 mins from me :innocent:

How have I never seen it!