too young or not old enough??

Talking with friends last night and someone made a joke of when do i take my daughter ( 5 months she is:)) for a ride on my bike? I replied with a joke too.:smiley:

But the the real question is when or how old children have to be before they can sit on a motorbike with an adult ? Is there a law?:discuss:

i think the law just states that they can reach the footpegs

iirc, it’s when they’re big enough to reach the foot rests

sounds about right :slight_smile:

wrap her in a blanket…chuck in topbox…job done :D:D:D

I was 5 when i started with my dad :slight_smile:

Put her in a baby carrier and wrap her inside your jacket :smiley:

… Actually that would be irresponsible and that’s not you. :wink:

hahaaha that sounds like its been tried and tested!

Ahh Ahhh!:slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer!

Might get a top box now!:stuck_out_tongue:

Wait until she is old enough to remember it before you take her.

I apparently travelled to the countryside on a blackberry-picking mission with my parents whilst tucked in to a wicker basket in the sidecar of a Triumph Speed Twin when a few weeks old:D Wish I could remember that!

With both of my kids I think it was 7 or 8 for short journeys to school, to go shopping and the like. I think my son was 9 or 10 before our first decent run (London to Worthing) for a rugby tournament.

As said before, they need to reach the footrest, not just with the toes but properly.

On a modern sports bike that will be about 3 then.

You’re so not wrong, my youngest daughter is 4 and she can easily reach the pillion pegs on mine.

:w00t: topbox could work but you should get a old school side car :smiley:

To clarify the point they must be capable of sitting astride the machine with both feet on the footrests, some people have tried to argue the point that their kids were legal because they had a foot on the footrest because they were either side saddle or sitting lopsided :w00t: Numpties.

No minimum age though.


nice avatar you got there

Saw someone with a kid (6/7-y-o) on the back of a maxi scooter today and it just looked wrong - especially since both of them were just in t-shirts…

When they’re really small, you can just pop 'em in the tank bag! :wink:

My 2 daughters can’t wait to be able to ride with me, my 10 year old is short and can nearly get her foot flat on the pegs and hopefully in the next few months she will be able to ride.

IM sure WASP can make up some leathers:hehe: