Too shy shy Hush hush, eye to eye.....

…Too shy shy Hush hush, eye to eye


too shy.JPG

Quality !!!

Is this another one of them “Never Ending Stories”

i’m too young to get this si!!!

but grandma g has filled me in with the facts!!

You mean Grandma Ruby

F*#ker F*#ker F*#ker F*#ker F*#ker - Where did you get my picture from!!!

HM Young Offenders Feltham???

HMV bargain Poster collection?

My Guy magazine for girls???

Mate! how did you let Flat’s get hold of that???

Thats the photo my missus keeps in her purse - she’s walking home from work, walking to borough market and never getting on my bike again!!!

That Flats must be a mean pickpocket

Ha ha … she’ll have to get her own bike now !!!

Great pic Sean, I used to have a Kajagoogoo poster on my bedroom wall when I was a teeny bopper.

If you ever change career, you could be a ‘lookylikey’

Looks like you are missing your other boy band members - was you at a Smash Hits photo shoot?