Too much oil

Does anyone know if it will damage an engine to put too much oil in the bike?

just curious as, I just got the bike back from PDQ & it seems to be well above the max oil line in the inspection window.


p.s. it smoked a bit this morning on startup…

I’m no mechanic, but it’s my understanding that too much oil can be a bad thing, as oil heats up, and the system is under pressure, so if there’s too much oil, it’ll limit how much air there is to compress as the oil expands when hot… meaning it’s possible to blow things from the pressure, I forget what but was told before. I would siphon some off if I were you Ben, just to be on the safe side.

** I could be completely wrong here, but I’m sure I read this once.

Bloody hell jay! You never make so much sense!!! I’m not an expert at all but what you said doesw make sense to me and I have the feeling that I read it somewhere either… Ben check it out mate, that Kawa of yours is too nice to be engine damaged…

Well 2pence worth…

Theres too much oil and tooooo much oil… A little check you could do is check your airbox… I guess its the same principle as my twin. Most motors will blow a bit of oil back into the airbox and this can be seen in the drain collector tude under the airbox, but I guess if there is considerably too much oil there will be quite a swamp of oil in there… have a look… My RSVR is really hard to judge as the view window aint that clever on aprilia’s.
I’ve heard that too much aint too bad but tooooooo much oil isnt a good idea! (if that makes sense! )

Me too, I’ve been told before that if you have too much oil in it will blow seals and the like. My advice drain some out.

Before I moved onto Gixxers, Ihad a Monster S4 which was overfilled with oil, but not substantially. The upshot was that the top gasket went on one of the cylinders. Quite a mess.

Like the guys say, drain some out, soon!

Get the excess oil out before you ride it.

Better still, tell PDQ and get them to come and check it out, sounds like their mechanic should be reprimanded, they may offer you something free if you whine enough.