Too good to be true?

It’s a scam for me, what do u think?

Check out the prices and conditions. No adress, no phone number, just e-mail. And using “E-gold”

I don’t know if it is true or not, but without addresses, land line numbers etc, I would not go near it.

My cautious nature, says too good to be true. Have you checked to see if there is an MV Senna or KTM on there :wink:

I don’t think they sell stolen bikes. I think there are no bikes

These photos look too much like they were found on the web and just copied to make it look like they’ve got a quite a selection.

Have to say it looks well funny to me, would keep well away too.

Hahahaha DHL deliver to your door for free from the states! Damn that is too good to be true lol.

Also seeing as the site is american (I gather), he’s named the CBR600FS wrong, in the US its only know as the F4i. Hummm fishy. Just looked at the picture and it says F-Sport down the side.

Well, you know what they say. If it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is.

far to good to be true…

You wouldn’t catch me mailing a few grand to somebody with only an e-mail address.

It would be interesting to see their sales figures b4 they disapear from the internet.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm how dodgy!

check those prices with typical US prices

they are not far off… but hey,

nothing bad can happen if you use the contact form to check their location?

2004 Duc triple 9 for 5600 usd ??? …are they trying to outdo Wal-Mart or sumthin?..It’s a scam! No ph numbers, no address to cross -reference either.

Looks like there’s a new del boy about! Dodgy or what!!

Any idea what we can do to don’t let them cheat anyone? where to report it? It’s our fellow bikers in danger

How about trading standards,they should know who to speak to & if there is any info already on these people!

It’s a US site, so the Trading Standards won’t be of any help. Besides, if you’re that stupid that you buy a bike on the net from an overseas address, you deserve to lose your money!

Having said that, would somebody like to buy my Ferrari Enzo for £10k? PM me for my Swiss bank account details and I’ll send you pics, conveniently copied from Google images… I also accept gold bullion… LOL

ok, before we start to accuse people of crimes…

here is the registration info for the site owner of the website.

Give him a call

barry Schwartz ([email protected])
Fax: +1.8585929310
11860 Paseo Lucido
San Diego, CA 92128

Before you condem them read this, I sent them an email and this is there reply with phone no. etc.

If you are interested in a motorcycle please let us know .
We are a motorcycle dealer located in Portland , all our motorcycles are
in excellent condition, no damages, no scratches, no dents or technical
problems and all street legal in your state. Our stock has such cheap
motorcycles because the bikes were bought from a bankrupt dealership at
auction as bank reposessed vehicles. If you are interested in buying a
motorcycle from us i would be more than happy to help you. Payment is only
via egold ( please go to for more
details ) . All motorcycles are shipped the same day payment is verified.
Delivery takes max. 2-4 days depending on your location and is FREE.
Motorcycles will come with all the documents transferred to your name, you
will also receive the bill of sale, shipping documents, title ( on your
name ) . All motorcycles have all the taxes paid up to date. If you are
interested in buying please let us know .

Note: Once you receive the motorcycle you will have 5 days to test it,
inspect it, register it etc. and at the end of the 5 days if you are not
satisfied with your motorcycle we will give you all your money back ! A
full refund with NO QUESTIONS ASKED !

Thank you,

Mike Storesson
Barry Motors
3333 SW Idaho St
[email protected]
(503) 616-3013



How dodgy!

Too many doubts, too little assurances, wouldn’t go near it with a barge-pole. Free shipping? Who are they kidding, it costs thousands to ship a bike abroad by ship, which takes weeks or months, let alone by air in five days. Only the super wealthy move vehicles by air, it costs a FORTUNE.

you forget that its a US site…

When I lived there, I was asked if we had roads in london. I was also asked if we had running water.

I am not sure he is 100% aware that bikes are used outside of the US. lol

I will have a new ZX10R in blue if it is C.O.D. if the are shipping them UPS will collect payment on thier behalf. I still would not trust them but then I exspect the worst.