Too cold to wash bike, any ideas?

Go to halfords, get some bug & tar wipes (you get about 25 in a tub - very dirty bike = 2tubs whole bike - about 3.50-4 quid per tub) wipe over bike even wheels/swingarm they take all the muck off and chain grease - no wet hands - no water needed, then polish to finish her off!!

I am never using water again these things are superb - and safe on paintwork, tryed and tested by me!!!

Am I the only one to reply by saying…don’t wash it!this is a conspiracy…

I dont wash mine coz i have no where to store it, had a cover for a while and after trying to chase it round the front garden a couple of time i gave up!..also scared it may fall apart

Pick up a pressure washer from B&Q.

Washing takes mins vs hours.

Plus dishwashing gloves help…:smiley:

Have only ever washed my bike by hand. Is there any truth in the rumour that a pressure washer will damage the bike in some way?

A friend of mine blew a hole through his radiator with a pressure washer, and we have had a few customers that have needed new looms fitted to their bikes coz of pressure washers!

Rubber gloves or pay the nephew to do it… don’t pay him til it’s spotless.

Use neoprene scuba diving gloves

I didn’t wash mine before garaging it for a week over Christmas (remember it was freezing & salty back then?) It was in a right mess when I went back to it (brake discs rusted & seized, & everything tarnished)

dot be such a softy get some school kids to dit on the cheap

See my post in Products for S Doc100. Washed my bike on Sat, sprayed the stuff on, left it for 10min and gave it a gentle sponging then washed it off with a hose. Blew dry with an airline and hey presto, spotless bike.

ah, good option mate. they used to sell ‘car wipes’ by armorol which were great but they’ve been discontinued. halfords here i come!

£8 to wash the bike yourself? :w00t: lordy! me :wink:

so have you washed it yet?