Too cold to wash bike, any ideas?

“You got the look, you got the hook, sure nuff to be cooking in my book…” :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone else got a vision of M-Daytona in silk underwear and rubber gloves?

only you pervy guys:D

Well i washed it in the end…wasnt confident enough in my own sexuality to wear rubber gloves so did it with nude hands. They was feckin frozen by the time id finished, but at least now my bike is shiney!

I own a £1500 bandit and spend every weekend cleaning the grime of it! its all i can afford but treat it like £10000 bike and in some ways enjoy every minute!

my suggestion is wrap up your bike till the summer you pussy! and rejoin us winter vetrons when its warmer for youd little fingers :stuck_out_tongue:


I am only kiddin! but you are a pussy :smiley:

Mmm. I park mine about November and pull the cover off about March :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorted :smiley:

That is one reason you should never wash your bike with washing up liquid cos it contains an enormous amount of salt:)

Use a sponge instead? :blink:

If you weren’t taken honey, I’d give it some thought :wink: Afro and StuSV, doesn’t take you fellas much to get going now does it?Hey Afro, perhaps some good quality silk and rubber gloves should go on Diana’s Christmas list :smiley:

Not just silk gloves hun…And as for rubber…Humunah Humunah Humanah :w00t:


Is it possible for you to think of anything else for at least half hour?

let that be your next challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

I got to 29 minutes and 59 seconds :frowning: :laugh:

your getting old afro, I cant go more than 10 minutes:)

ooh forgot to add been in Moscow for the week and have not seen a single bike…mind you it is -12, but warm for the time of year normally -20…

didnt manage to go skiiing though too much to do…

Were you counting down from 30 minutes ? :smiley:

Biker friend gave me a tip - he said wash the bike thoroughtly by hook or by crook, then cover the whole thing (bar discs and chain or course) with a full can of wd40. leave to dry overnight and never have to wash it again. (actually he said just wash it monthly but there we go). It’ll look pretty grotty after a month, but at least the salt doesnt get in.

I use a flower shower pump whatsit from homebase coz I dont have a hosepipe and a bucket of lukewarm soapy water followed by a towel down, then a chamois leather then the aforementioned WD40.


Actually i think i’ll be up for that :wink: All the nooks and crannies are facinating! 5 quid a shot and its done, takes about 2 hours per bike.

PS Not really wash yer own!

What if you have an Alluminium frame? I wonder if the salt reacts as bad?

I know what you mean about cleaning your bike in winter though - I was saying the same thing to Afro who just said “This is the best time to wash them as the rest of the year you’re too busy riding” yet his bike is still covered in crap!!! LOL

Anyway, I’ve always found a Mexican wash does rather well - failing that - get a buddy who has a garage!:stuck_out_tongue:

Whats wrong with that? Nobody’s gonna know unless you get stopped by the police and strip-searched. :wink:

I wear all in one thermals under my gear in this weather, They are really warm and comfortable. In fact I swear by it.

i got back from devon yesterday on the fazer, she was caked in road salt and road crap, spent 3 hours cleaning from top to bottom, used autoglym motorcycle wash, with a cool bucket of water, and brushes to get in all the awkward areas, then rinsed off, chamoised of bodywork and sprayed engine, pipes, and all the corrosive areas with scotolier f365, i went out this morning, waxed the bodywork, lubed the chain and its all done.:slight_smile: