Too cold to wash bike, any ideas?

Thats the thing with black bikes. When clean polished + shiny, they look awesome. However any type of dirt or mark that gets on it ruins the whole effect rather easily :frowning:

Mine kinda needs a wash, but its absolutely freeeeezing, i dont fancy freezing my hands/balls off washing it.

Any ideas??

I had to clear out a frog in my pond pump, this monring, I was in my underpants kneeling by the pond with both hands in the freezing water. Now that was cold…But I am from up north…we are a hardier bunch than you southerners…:D:P

Cheap: Bandit Bikes

Expensive: Mo-clean

Very expensive: tell yer missus to do it!

well ive been out many times before in winter washing the bike, whats the matter with ya, get ya bucket out and get scrubbing ya big wuss!!!:smiley:

?Try using rubber gloves to keep hands warm? (patent leather apron, high heels, chaps, etc are optional :D)

Ahhhh my eyes, my eyes … bet that was a sorry sight first thing in the morning :smiley:

Coming from cyprus, ive never had to wash my bike in worser conditions than clear blue skies and 15degrees!

Thats a good point with the rubber gloves, you cant be a bloke though no bloke will ever think of that :wink:

Men will think of rubber gloves, if they’ve ever had to wash bikes and cars in winter (and I’m not talking Cypriot winter).

If you think rubber gloves are odd, you’d better be careful. Some of us UK blokes (not me - not yet) wear ladies tights under their biking gear in winter to keep warm:D.

Easy - Pay someone to do it! Get someone else to do it!

just took apart my bike and gave it a good clean inside and out not really all that cold out! what a pansy:P

Last time I washed my bike, I put those silk undergloves on, then kitchen rubber gloves on top, quite a sexy look, but defo kept my hands warm, put them on before going out though, while hands are still warm.

Wash it and don’t be lazy…

Use cold water too

Marry me Mel;):P:D

I haven`t clean my biekf ro a few weeks as the weather has been awful.

everytime i clean the bike up, it p*sses it down and the damn thing looks like its been pebbledashed again :angry:

Wow, even I can answer this one…

HOT soapy water… works much better than cold, AND (double bonus) it keeps your hands warm too! :smiley:

yes BUT rinse with cold first as warm water reacts with the road salt!:smiley:

I’m facing a similar problem myself at the moment…

Bandit Bikes it is :laugh:

Really…I never knew that. What happens then?

The salt disolves into smaller particles and ingresses further into the metal work.