Too cold to ride?

I hope this isnt a repost but looks like fun. Probably not for Cezar though!

Brilliant! Talk about cold tyres! I’d love to have a go at that, though I bet it’s scary as fook, sliding all over the place at god knows how fast on a stroker. Cezar wouldn’t even put his nose to the window, let alone get out on there!


That adds an entirely new meaning to “wheel spin” and “sliding” doesn’t it?..and on two stokes…absolutely suicidal…but I bet it would be KILLER fun while it lasted!

hehehehehe, mad stuff, don’t think i will try that on my gixxer!!!

They must have spiked tyres on those bikes to do that! … crazy stuff!!

No comments!

Well, only one: YOU GUYS ARE MAD!!! This is not for humans! Even the Penguins are not there!!!