Too close

holy shit!


wow. I was thinking that the first few oopsies were tame but that last one was a ball hair’s gap :w00t:

:w00t: Butt clenching, the last one

That last one :blink:

Not a good ad for track days! That was a CLOSE SHAVE.

Definitely not good evidence for those that claim that track days are safe…

Its no laughing matter, a person was killed like this a few years back in club racing, exact same incident.

Saying that though, its a wicked track, sticky and is good fun. Its my personal fav and my best time at 1.03, which I thought I was the daddy till my mate did a 59.5 which is a few seconds off the lap record.

'kinnell that was close!


i think someone said ““Yeah. Obviously your ambition outweighed your talent”:wink:

Since having seen TT3D my Mum has been put off the idea of me doing a trackday, I think I shall not be recommending this video to her.

F**king hell…that actually made me jump.

I think I’d have words after that, he was blatently just trying to catch him and royally f**ked up.

I think I’d be having serious words with the rider once off the track…!

This is clearly an example of someone trying to ride way past their skill level.

wow, that last one was close, unbelievable

I Just had a “brown trouser” moment… Holy Cr@p that was close!

OMG far far too close for comfort