Too chuffing nice outside

I am getting out of work at 3pm today to get some sunshine riding

May be one of our last chances so get those leathers on and hit the road (not literally)

Have a good weekend kids


I am home alone on Sunday, so if anyone is around Welwyn Garden City and fancy a ride out and a spot of lunch give me a shout

07764 580 114

I’m gutted, it’s a great day (as was yesterday) I just went to get out on the bike and go somewhere! It’s way too nice to be stuck behind a desk

Enjoy your ride this afternoon.

Come out with us on the Pet Food Run on Sunday if you like!

What’s the “Pet Food Run” and where are you starting from (or am i missing the point of this)



You are missing looking in the rideout section…

I am out of here at 4pm gonna jump on me bike and have a blast up to Karens!

It’s so nice outside! I went out for a ride at lunch time and had a great time!