tonights ride!

well it was a small turnout of LB members at the ace but a few of us took a ride out to the CRISPIN pub nr windsor great park, nice gentle pace there and back but somehow managed to lose one??

hope everyone else got back alright!

Andrea let us know you got back safely!

yeh dude, I’m cool, sinking a Kronenbourg with a fan swishing in my face

Was good to see y’all.

Highlight of my trip home was a knob in an '06 convertible Audi A4 actually thinking he could outpace me on the A3 , let’s just say he lost the 0-30 race, then the 0-60 race, then the rest was a blur!



Sorry I missed this, I would have joined you.
Gotta get used to the site to pick up these messages in time.
Where is the Ace? is this a regular meet?

there wasnt a message up about the little ride we went out on, it was just a case of a few of us were bored with sitting at the ace and just went!

the ace is situated on the old north circular rd but hopefully someone else could give more details! as i know how to get to it but not sure of what address/ details to type!

eery friday mate, you will get to know who to look out for after going to Cubanas a couple of times.

First time I went I just looked for a bike with a LondonBikers sticker on it and loitered around it, happened to be Jays so I bought some stickers off him, neer looked backed since!

Just mingle and buy us all drinks, always works

(Guess which of my keys is broken on my laptop )

I hae no clue!

Got your message about the drinks, will oblige…
What’s the game plan on saturday, any action?

Workin Sat and Sun, always keep your eye on the Ride Out section, theres always stuff going on, just turn up and burn up



Morning mate…

couldnt make the ride…er…re-phrase that…didnt want to as I had a garden full of hotties all spraying hoses over bikini bottoms that resembled postage stamps !!

A Birthday Party turned into a Summer School Break Party !!..

22 Hormone ravaged 19ees going nutz was a hard thing to have to supervise but like a true trouper…I managed !!!

i dont believe you barro!! must see photographic evidence

I can do better than that…I got the party video !!!

Post it man, POST IT!!!

Get the idea ?


Top banana…

Hi all, was a good mini ride out last night, me and Tel had a good time

Andrea tracked down safe and sound!

See you all soon

why didnt you call me barro ill have been round there like a shot

or was there no party and you just took that piccy of the internet

we all know you can tell a little white lie sometimes

Ginge…I didnt phone you cos I wanted them girls to stay !!

White Lies !..aint you the one that described ya self as a bright Tom Cruise Look a like ?

A cover up for the glowstick fashion sense ?

Rock on Rusty Miami Lobster Boy !

Shame they all called you grandad Barro and asked if you new and young lads you could recommend

Yeah your right mate…but I can honestly say you didnt spring to mind when they asked !!