Tonight's name your fave...

What’s your poison for a good night out after a hard day?

Now I’m not talking “beer” or “white wine”… I want specifics, so if you haven’t got the sense to know what you’re drinking don’t say anything… I’ll start…

Gordons Gin, and Schweppes Tonic, with LEMON (proper old skool) and loads of ice…

A bottle of Becks blue as i don’t drink alcohol.

I’m normally quite partial to fullers London pride, but with the warm weather it’s gotta be gin and cloudy ginger ale!:slight_smile:

on a hot day, cold lager. ocasionally a vodka and red bull.


the stuff you get in 5 ltr plastic containers:w00t:

Lately 150mg of Tramadol and 10mg Diazepam. :smiley:

My Poison. hmm.

In a Pub on an evening - either Guiness or Guiness and Black

Hot Summer afternoon in a Pub - Larger and Lime, or Cider (Pref Bulmers)

Pre Dinner - Gin and Tonic. (Gordons, Tanqyray or Bombay Saphire) Tonic has to be Schwepps, I prefer a slice of Lime.

I like my Dark Rum, either Mount Gay or Havana Club, usually with Coke.

Then of course there’s the Whiskeys… I do like a malt. Have a pref for Irish, as they tend to be a little sweeter. But its at odds with my Scots heritage.

Will that do?


I like a cold bottle of Becks or Peroni. Or maybe a nice glass of Monkey Shoulder or Johnny Walker Blue. :slight_smile:

a glass of chilled Fernet Stock Citrus with tonic water and a slice of lemon and ice :smiley:

Tanquary Ten gin, Fever Tree tonic, slice of lime and three ice cubes.

I like to down the brown…Guiness

But then again I am partial to a cheeky bit of Ketamine

When I get home after a day out on the bike, a full bodied Merlot or Shiraz goes nicely with the roast dinner I cook, and I like to finish with a can of Tanglefoot.

Chopin (polish vodka) with lots of ice, a dash of Galliano and orange juice and it must be in a tall glass :slight_smile:
Russian Standard (vodka) with Archers, lots of ice, cranberry juice and orange juice with a slice of lemon in a tall glass!
Vodka straight (but non of this cheap sh1t!)

Handy Mandy, Massage and a wank £50 bung her a tenner and she will do it with her tits, dunno about you but after a hard day it sorts me out…

not allowed booze at the mo cause of medication, but normally Famous Grouse for me :slight_smile:

bombay saphire and tonic, barefoot rose stupidly cold or a draught amstel… all hit the spot for me :slight_smile:

Guiness extra cold, well just one, then coffeeee, or pop:D dont drink much

When I was living up in cardboard city. I just used to drink thinners and white spirit…

I did like a Special Brew aswell. I used to drink it through my eyeball. Thats why I got the nickname EyeBall Paul:cool:

Winter: A good Single Malt - preferrence for GlenMoray
Summer: Havana Club + Coke although I am partial to a well made strawberry daquiri if it’s made with fresh strawberries… :smiley:
Also really like my Caipirinhas for those warm days! :slight_smile:

We knew we recognised you from somewhere ;):smiley: