Tonights Ace

Just got in from tonights gathering at the Ace for our recentley fallen member, not my place to thank anyone for turning up and donating I’ll leave that to the Organisers, spoke to a very emotional Miggy as I left he was was fairly overwhelmed with the response to say the least… so all I can say is Fairplay to everyone

makes me Proud to be an LBer:crying:


was a great turnout for rodders… he would have been chuffed to see so many friends there…


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Never seen so many LBers in one place at one time. Shame it was for such an occasion but glad everyone made the effort.

Good show everyone.

Big up for Miggy for doing what he has done.


Sorry but ‘Sybil’ put her foot down and wouldn’t let me out.

I want to make a contribution though - can someone pm me with how?

Was a nice evening and we are one big family who will help eachother in need.

Nice to be able to say hello to one or two of you at Ace last night, shame it was under sad circumstances.

I’m sorry that we couldn’t have been there. We had a very fractious baby who suffers from reflux and last night was one of those nights. We have made a donation.

Well done Miggy for organising

we couldn’t make it either, but miggy has pm’d me bank transfer details so we can make a donation. :slight_smile:

sorry i couldnt make it either :frowning: glad there was a large turnout