Just got home, nice to meet some more LB’ers The larf of the nite had to be Ginger having to by the coffees at soho sq for being last 1 there, Cheers Ginge & I was on me work cb500

LoL oh yeah, cheers G.

I’ll post the pic in the ‘Adults’ section, owing to its content…

Well I went to the pub in the end. Seems like a common theme the first post being about a rideout then the person who starts it does not turn up

Terry and GSXResurrector, I was standing next to your bikes last week at Soho square. Me and Shane (Smiled) were talking to the bloke with the 750 slighshot for ages. Its hard not to miss your bikes Catch up another time.

That slingshot is very nice We were chatting to him last nite.

Just goes to show u can be standing next to an LB’er & not relize it.

Next time come say hello, it’ll be nice to meet u both

Cheeky!! I need to get some sensible textiles it appears

haha cheers Nuts yeah, we’ll catch up at next one… you seen the thread about last night’s visit to Soho Sq? It’s in the Adult section… Suggest anyone who’s eating right now not to look at the pic’s… Terry’s one helluva sight.

Hey and I was just over the square from you guys last week, with the SV crowd - i’m there most weeks so if you’re around again then i’ll come say hi