Is anyone going to be out on their bikes tonight?

LF x

'Tis the Helicopter thingy at the Ace this evening; not sure if I can go, yet.

What’s the helicopter thingy?

Not sure about being out tonight - I’ve had a mad week at work and am knackered!

Not for me tonight albeit I did have a small problem with a nut coming off the defiant the ohter night during THAT burn out, all fixed but I have a commision to do a custom computer build for a friend so I have not time to come out and play

Activities in aid of the London Air Ambulance, IIRC.

I can’t believe no one wants to come out and play… Just because of a little bit of rain.

Fine, might leave the bike at work and go on the lash instead…

I was going to go to the Ace tonight but i`ve got my kids school xmas fare and concert.

Just read what you put. That’ll serve you right for doing a burn out in front of my new boss!!!
hehehe, it was the look on his face though - priceless!

Plus you need to prepare for your close up tomorrow!!

G’day all, Tug 1400 and Terry-Moto will be at the Ace around 7:30 tonight, and I’ll follow shortly for around 8pm. Most likely move onto Frith afterwards… Hope to catch up with some of you.

Have they got LB stickers on their bikes?? And have you?

unfortunately not LF, but hopefully will one day soon.

Terry’s on a streetfighter’d GSXR (yellow/blue tank)

Brendan (Tug) is on a GSXR1400 with cut down exhausts

I’ll be on my multicoloured GSXR600 (attached)



Logging out now, hope to see u at Ace LF, and to anyone else who’s free.

Have a good evening whatever you’re upto.


dont knock it John…when you see them up on stage…makes your heart melt

which may in turn warm your back and speed recovery

Just got back from the kids school thing. What a waste of time, spent a fortune on crap and they sang for 10 mins.

I should have gone out instead, i`ll know this for the next time.

Its worth it even for 10 mins surely - plus I bet they were glad you made the effort

Have no fear, there will still be people up there. Get back out there!

It was good seeing them up on stage and they did like me being there, but there was so much hype for it that i left peed off as it wasn`t as good as i thought.

I would go out but i cant be arsed as ive put the bike to bed for the night now.

what were you expecting… ‘Phantom of the Opera’… John ??? !!! ???

they are kids…your kids…be proud

thats what the ‘P’ is for isn’t it?? …Proud

Just got back indoors… Quite a few LB’ers turned up at Ace, nice to place faces to usernames. Tug, Terry moto, Ginger and I headed into west end… rain pelting down along the A40, but it was absolutely clear (no traffic) from East Acton to the flyover just by the Hilton. Fun ride into town. I’ll be posting a couple of pics in the Pics/Vid section in a little bit…

Hopefully catch up soon with folks who couldn’t make it out tonight.