HI all, i’m a newbie to LB as i have only just moved back to england!
was just wondering if there where any meets or rides happening this evening as i have no other plans?

Hi ya Adam.

Let me be the first to say welcome back…

I’ll have a mojito please…

Hi mate, welcome to LB.

Don’t know if there are any rideouts, but you’ll usually bump into some members hanging around the Ace Cafe most nights.

Hi there Adam, welcome back to the UK mate, and welcome LB

Mines a JD on the rocks please mate

What are you doing on the 23rd April mate? we have a big ride going on, would be nice for you to join us…

Look in the rideout thread, the post under the heading St Georges Day ride, if you want to come along, just post up or let me know, then i can put you on the list