Tonight Cubana

Weather looks dodgy who is going if it rains then?

if it rains I,ll go for a meal without my bike…and I just realised Im probably old enough to be everyones Dad…

Me mate…I,ll sup a beer with ya anyday !!..looking forward to it more now !!!..glug glug glug…hic !!

lol just didnt want you to lug that stuff down incase I didnt show up

Rain or shine, I’ll be there, although the master plan of trying to spot crash helmets could be a bit less effective if you guys haven’t got them with you

Alas, on the age front, so am I.

Cheers Mark.

No bother there mate…it aint been delivered…emailing them now as I got about 8 people to deal with…soz mate…will hurry them up.



No rush mate. Ta

I will be there tonight, I need to get out on my bike don’t care about wind or rain or gloom of night, or is that the american postal service ?

I’m certainly not a fair weather rider (talk to me about this winter! or don’t I’m not happy about it) but that rain looks a little worrying… and it’s not as if there’s anywhere you can stand inside in that place it’s always rammed.

Thinking about it - if it’s chucking it down I’d be more up for the Ace?

ER… I can be there but on my scooter… lol

I hear a rumour that Cezar does own a bike and he’s sent me vidoes of him repairing abike. Just never seen him on it, perhaps the video is of him repairing a friends bike, hmmm…

So that’s tracky bottoms, trainers and the obligatory driver lid then

Should be easy to spot

Cheers Mark.

Not i sadly, Uni nite for me

I’ll be back once my stamina has caught up with my life… BC2

Unless it’s raining acid, I’ll be there!

i should be there, early tho, about 7 ish

im already on bike, so rain hale or snow i gota get home anyway which involves going past waterloo, so would be rude not too


this is the first wednsday ive had off in a while and am really looking forward to turning up at a decent hour… and actully meeting some of the new faces that everybody else has met…but becouse of poxy work…have missed…

so dont you gits chickin out on me !!!..i have been looking forward to this for bluddy ages…!!!

i just wanna see my pals…lol…lol

exited smiled.

p.s…should i chance washing the k6?

I’ll drop by to say “hello” after work, only for about 20 mins though…

Cant be there tonight as I am off to a function in Bishopsgate. It better have a TV otherwise i shall be making a sharp exit and going elsewhere.

C’mon Arsenal, keep that cup in the country and show the rest of Europe how good football is over here.

Gutted I cant be there guys…

But enjoy this evening!!!