Tonight - Clapham Junction - Beer Festival...interested?

Its a bit last minute, but I’m going to be heading down to the Old BAC (Battersea Arts Centre) tonight (thurs) cos there’s a mini-CAMRA beer festival going on there…

I’ve got a bit of a thing for “different beer” and by that I mean anything that isn’t pithy lager…

If anyone is South London and wants to meet up there for a taste of the old ale drop me a line or a PM or respond here…

If you don’t live in South London you can still come along, but remember to bring your passports, we don’t want you hanging around down here too long and realising why the South is so much better after all…

Come and sup in the South … come on!

Ooh… tempting - just a quick train from East Croydon!

Will let ya know

No other CAMRA members on here…no hobbits? no wizards? No fans of the Nutty Sock ale or the Bishops Bowel Basher?

Where’e the true British Pride got to eh?

I would love to come and this sort of thing would be right up my street, but I got other plans tonight…

Somehow I thought you’d be a fan.
If you can’t make this one, you’ve got to put a little space in your diary for the big one at Earl’s Court in August!

Its a date but weren’t you getting married in August ?

I would have been up for it Tobes but I’m already out

Doh! If only I’d known! Unfortunately, I’ll be in deepest, darkest Kent. Raaaah!

All these excuses…ladies just cos Dan mentioned I’m getting married doesn’t mean you can’t come hang out with me and my hot … er … pint of beer any more,

Weddings in May Dan…so ladies, better get in some hot Toby Action before its too late, this swarthy hunk of muscley hot man is soon going to be off the menu!

Erm… somethings just come up (now now no jokes please) and I can’t make it… washing my hair