Tonight at Borough Market!

Its gonna a be a cold one! Bring some change for a brew and wrap up warm!
Dont forget to come along!

Ride safe guys.

Cold? Just been zooming round West London with Geoff and it was positively tropical :stuck_out_tongue:

You wimps need to man up :wink:

I assume i’ll be seeing you tonight then lol

Well I just got back from work in record time - not much traffic on the roads. Heated gloves are the business. No BM for me now as am having a night in :slight_smile: Enjoy!!

You do have good natural insulation though, compared to us :wink:

would have loved to finally pop over,
but being ‘tropical’ none of my friends wanted to bare the ‘heat’ and give me a lift,
so maybe next week if its not that ‘warm’ :laugh:

Was a great turnout tonight! Had to wrap up a little early because NO-ONE CAME.

Still, Borough market is a nice place so not an entirely wasted trip :smiley:

Maybe next week :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For future reference - you are supposed to take a photo to prove it - otherwise nobody will believe you went either :stuck_out_tongue: