Tonight anyone?

I’m meeting poutywombat at Brands tonight. Going to look over the California Superbike School thing going on there and thought that if anyone is out and about we could meet up. If not at Brands then somewhere later.

Just a thought.

Vegas said it made his 996 go faster;):smiley:

I’ll be doing the evening track day there.BumbleBee might make an appearance also.:slight_smile:

Hopefully see you guys there then. I will be on a 1098 and pouty is on an Tuono, so keep an eye out for us.

Got there eventually, met pouty and Bad Boy. Good to see you again Kev.

Just as i got there i saw an R1 being towed away with some serious damage, rider seemed ok but bike was a proper mess. Brings back the reality of riding on the track some times…

Leon Camier was there aswell, according to those that watched him ride round he was “plodding” round recording 55 sec laps, obviously only using 3 gears;) But was ultra smooth.

Getting the trackday itch again, bugger this is gonna cost me:D

go onh then while your spending money get a desmo for the track:)

Already enquired…all sold out… isn’t that a shame:Wow:

he was doing 50 - 51’s dude, on a road going r6!

that’s not particularly fast, dude, given the circumstances…even on a road bike… I know people that ride standard road SVs that fast with half the bhp.

if you said 47, then maybe Id agree it was fastish on a road R6.

BSB R6s can apparently do 45s…

And look at how MAHOOSIVELY different Haydon’s Honda was from Dovizioso’s and did it help him in Seca?

Im not all that convinced about road vs race engines… road ones are very very good nowadays… (edited to add the word ‘apparently’ - I can only find evidence of 46s)

p.s. that’s sv650s…

for some reason i didnt think that was bad on a road bike on a track day with traffic but i will happily stand corrected ! lol …

didnt know they did 45’s on r6 cup! what do the bsb’s do on the indy then?

No R6 cup this year. I dont think there is much in it. Im reliably informed that this is the case.By the way, I was merely making the point that 55s is very much “plodding” by someone with Leon Camier’s background. Even on a track day with traffic. I have been at the Indy circuit with Focused Events when newbies in the slow group have been doing 59s…

PPG i think you may be a tad excited…From a few years back.

“Reigning BSB champion Lavilla set a time of 45.533s - the fastest ever two-wheeled lap of the 1.2-mile circuit - during this afternoon’s qualifying session, knocking Haslam from the top spot.”

I did say he was “plodding” around, i have done 52 sec round the Indy so i know it wasn’t that quick.

Well someones got to mix it up havent they ;)52 is good :wink: Now do it on an sv :wink: :w00t: x