Tonight 21st August

Hi guys. Lovely day and gonna be a lovely evening. Recently back to biking and was wondering where the main meeting places are these days. Please advise as we wanna come out and play this evening :grin:

Bike night at the Ace on a Friday, not sure how many from here will be up there but if its bikers you are after then that is the place to head to on a Friday evening.

Blackheath tea hut is one and the Ace Cafe is another

Cheers guys :+1:

Coming from Welling/Bexleyheath way and pass Blackheath all the time so that was the only one on route I knew. Haven’t been to the ACE in years. Any more meeting places??? :grin:

not on a Friday, but if you want to meet folk from LB, best to head to Borough Market on a Wednesday evening,

details here:

or better still, join a rideout. marmablade is going to Finchingfield tomorrow morning.

Cheers KTM D :+1:t2: