TONIGHT 11//11

Anyone out and abouut tonight for brews and general mischief on the roads??? ace/blackheath/frith/leicester sq???


ive been tryin to ring you!!!

how was vegas?..did you get married in a drive thru by elvis?

glad your home you sweaty armpit…and will try to give you another ding dong….


how vegas adam spend all your money on women and drink???

am trying to find me phone shayne???

vegas fooking skinted me out!! crazy place, no women for me but the drinks are all free at the tables, over did it on the first night! after a couple of weeks dry in iraq and then straight on it!! whoooh i was feeling rough!!

right then!! am meeting smiled at blackheath teahut at 8 o’clock if anyone else fancies the fresh air???

blackheath, bit to far for me in this cold weather!!!

dont be a tart!!! its not that cold!! just put some long johns on and it’ll be alright!

and danno stop using the weather as an excuse! when YOU know youve been told your not aloud out by the missus!!

ha ha so you have met her as well???

i dont have a clue how to get to blackheath?

Damn, I would have been up for a midnight run! Just got in tho and now a little worse for wear…

night night lusty.