tonia elias crash

heres elias crashing at assen in practice

Complete nothing type accident until he got to the gravel - poor guy, that had to hurt.

that’s wxactly what I thought!! it looked painless enough, almost fun, until the gravel got him bouncing around. Was he ok?

ouch ya see it break an then go limp ewwwwwwww

oh god!!!okay, I won’t be leaning that far over on my first track day, but that scares me!!I don’t wanna lose my bike!! …he ok now?!

he broke his femur…I know how he feels from experience. I spent 13 weeks in hospital when i did mine, 10 of those in traction. My left leg is now almost an inch shorter than my right.

Elias seems to think he’ll be back racing in 6 weeks, good luck. But then I suppose he’s getting the best treatment available.