Ton-Up Day at the Ace

Anyone going to Ton-Up day at the Ace Cafe Sunday 18th?

Think I’ll pop down to get some photos

think chunkymonkey might scrape into that age bracket !! :slight_smile:

might go depends on weather cos im a sissy if its raining !!

Might have to work :unsure:

But a bike is for life, not just sunny days :smiley:

Cheeky fecker!

Coming from the spring chicken over there:P

Milk, one sugar please;):smiley:

Damn I was hoping you had missed it :Dand yes I do use it in the rain

Mines a milk and two sugars thank you :smiley:

I was there for lunch, only saw a couple of older bikes and a few cars. The less than perfect weather does seem to hold most bikers at home :rolleyes:

It was today… is my pc playing up (which I know it is) or have you posted yesterday for today? LOL

Or am I just going bonkers??? :blink:

No… Don’t answer that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Was there for about an hour or so and left at 11 after a breakfast.

Dissapointing turnout actually. Dunno if it got any better

I have been there around 11, met wolfeyes!!


Ahhh, I was thinking of the wrong day . . . :blush: