TomTom Urban Rider Europe £191 (with code)

I just picked up one of these for £191 delivered

Refurb from TomTom direct.

use the code welcome123b and it should give you £8 off making it £191


Don’t forget a review for us when you’ve done a long trip with it :slight_smile:

I got one of these too!
Love it so far, coupled with the Scala Rider G4, its epic.

I’ll try to review it after the 125 rideout to finchingfield this sunday.

Will do :slight_smile:

I will be taking it to choccie run which isnt a long run as such but you can have a poke about with it.

assuming it hooks into my Scala Teamset headset kit.

seems the only thing the scala kit wants to do is talk to the passenger and my phone for calls so far.

Use the tomtom menu to add a headset.

I’ve been holding out for a Zumo for ages … but at literally half the price … am seriously tempted by this.

Can you/has anyone planned routes using PC software/Googlemaps with this device? I know with old TomTom’s you could but seem to remember someone (Jamie possibly?) writing that he’d bought a new TomTom to replace his broken one and now he couldn’t do this …

Does this one have a wired headphone socket/jack? Or is the only way to listen to what it is saying via a Bluetooth headset?

I may think of more questions - but for now am going to read reviews - so if anyone has this model and can answer my above questions in the meantime - that’d be excellent :smiley:

Oh … yes … and can you do route logging with this?

i.e. go on a rideout led by someone else - get home - plug Sat Nav into computer - and see where you’d been on a map (a-la-Joby)

I know you can do this with a Zumo but not with the Rider 2 - which was the big selling point for the Zumo over Rider - but I’m not sure it’s a function that is worth more than £200 to me :satisfied:

To check if a Tomtom can do the route planning all you have to do is:
Go into the Tomtom menu Click on Navigate ToClick on the ‘>’ symbol for the next pageIf the Tomtom has yellow kind of arrow symbols saying ‘Itinerary’ then the device can be used for route planning and the file format you will need is .itn.
The websites you will need to do this are:
Google Map - You will need to make your map as usual and if you want to take a specific route just drag the blue line created until you see a white dot (waypoint) as shown below
Original Suggested route:

View Larger Map

My customised route with the way point

View Larger MapThen to convert the route to the .itn file you need a converter is used. There are plenty of online ones that can be used. One that I find good is Houghi. To add the route to your Tomtom you will need to: Go to My ComputerDouble click on the Tomtom icon which appears when the Tomtom is plugged into computer modeFind the 'itn' folderCopy and paste the .itn file into that folder TIP: To make it easier for your tomtom do not have file names with spaces or special characters. Eg, 'My Ride Out' or 'My Ride Out.' Instead use something like 'MyRideOut'. Also, an itn file will only recognise 48 waypoints so its better to have a part 1, part 2, part 3, etc. Just split them up. Its easier for you when planning anyway.

Hope this helps.

I’ve got a Zumo at the moment, but have never particularly liked it. I’m looking at changing bike, so would be interested in switching to a TomTom at the same time, so I’ll be interested to hear how you guys get on with these.

hi mate, I will try that when the rider arrives. It appears that my Scala pro does not support A2DP which is needed by iphones to send sound to the device (outside of phonecalls)

Gutted really as the scala kit cost me £300 nearly 2 years ago. If it was to work I wouldn’t need a rider. I cant justify buying another pair of headsets at the moment.

To my knowledge, the rider will act as a bridge. You pair your phone and rider with the tom tom and it deals with it.

The ‘pro’ version of the Tomtom Rider comes with Scala headset so you’d think the two must be compatible

ahh good point.

Just spoken with cardo who say it sounds like the block for my scala is faulty. Pain in the backside as I JUST sent the other bit back to them:doze:

just use the programme TYRE with tomtom converts any route you make into a tomtom file…simples really oh and I use either a GO730 or GO930 car one on my bike never had any problems at all

To be fair, that’s the UK one, not Europe…

Not much use in europe is it :stuck_out_tongue: