TOMTOM rider

Hi guys, just a question do you know where I can find a fairly cheap tomtom rider for my bike?

Or would I be able to use the one for my car… probably a silly question just thought I’d ask :smiley:

Hello again :smiley:

I didn’t bother with a rider as it was too expensive…

I got one of these at £74.99 + £9.99 P+P

Then I bought one of these kits at £38 + P+P to mount it to the steering stem of my bike

This TomTom doesn’t seem to be waterproof, but because it’s behind the screen, it should be pretty well protected and I’m sure it won’t mind the odd splash…I haven’t tested this yet though as I’ve not been caught in the rain.

A lot of scooter riders buy cheap satnavs, mount them behind the screen, but cover them in clingfilm first!

I just use a tomtom one and use the car windscreen mount and tuck it down as far behind the screen as possible, stays pretty dry in all but the heaviest rain/motorway spray.

Wish tomtom would release a cheaper version of the rider without all the bluetooth gubbins, something i don’t need, the spoken instructions are loud enough from the one when you really need direction, at town speeds.

I’ve got the same solution, cheap £60 tomtom, cheap plastic mount, and sellatape all over it. It has been out in the rain, no issues at all. Only problem is I need to replace the charger every 6 months or so because of the rust on the USB connector, which could be resolved if I had some initiative :slight_smile:

ah ok cool!!! thanks guys, will definately look into that afro :smiley:

Maps are good.

Don’t be a square daddyoh :smiley:

Bugger to read on the move whilst texting n drinking coffee at the same time tho :D:D

Just use the one from you car get the right mount for your bike and if it looks like rain just put it in a clear sandwich bag n jobs a good un :slight_smile:

lol note taken about drinking and all :P…

ok what mount do I need?

go to TELFERIZER.COM got all the info you require, but if you cant see your bike or satnav model ring Bob at telferizer his number on the site and he will guide you through your requirements, he used to send the mounts out for you to try on ya bike then you paid for it, very trustworthy in this day and age thats why I recommend him to others :slight_smile:

Or you can slam it in the map reading pocket of a tank bag and that will keep it nice and dry.

I have a Zumo because I wanted to play music. I’d recommend it if you want all the features.

ah cool thank you :smiley:

The zumo is expensive

Tom tom rider v2 is currently on special at

great bit of kit - I use it everyday.

If you use a normal satnav and get it wet enough it will go up the wall and you will have now warranty cover as it states you must do all that’s possible to keep it dry.

Tomtom rider - is waterproof, comes with a scala rider headset that will also connect to your mobile via bluetooth and you can listen to tunes through your phone on the headset.

well worth the money in my opinion - good second hand ones pop up on ebay now and again.

hope this helps.

Zumo’s WAY better made than the rider…mount on the rider is poorly made and can easily break. COuld get a touratech mount but thats expensive…may as well get a Zumo.

I always found a map case on the tank to be perfect on an upright bike, but with my z your a bit too close to the bars to read it comfortably. The Baglux range do a bag called a Tuareg which has a special GPS compartment which you can tilt towards you. Not tried it though.

Bags connection (google SWMotech) do a range of clip on tankbags (they clip to the fuel filler cap…you’ll understand it when you look at the website) which can include a waterproof GPS holder. They can also be wired with a fag lighter charging socket inside the tankbag (see the website to see how this works).

Leader motorcycles (American firm…google it) do a brilliant waterproof bag that clips to your handlebars, which you can put a phone or normal GPS in…definitely worth a look. When you unclip the bag (it clips to a very small bracket) it leaves hardly any footprint, which in my view is a good thing…GPS brackets are really ugly!

There’s a GPS unit called a Becker Crocodile that does quite a lot (but not bluetooth) and is waterproof…you can get one for about £200. Becker are not a big company in the UK but their products are excellent. There is currently no way of wiring in a permanent power lead but it can clip to the handlebars with a very small bracket not unlike the Leader motorcycles’ solution…probably a perfect solution if you don’t need to use it for hours on end.

If you do…

  1. Buy a Rider or Zumo. Problems are you got the ugly bracket there and you’ll end up using it ALL the time, and never really use any roads.

  2. Use the tankbag/mapcase/basic handlebar clip solution, but keep an external powerpack for your device for when you run out of power.

  3. Use a fag lighter socket…but this wouldn’t really be waterproof, despite what the socket manufacturer claims. The socket MAY be a BIT waterproof, but the lead from the GPS/phone won’t have waterproof connections. But ask yourself, if you DO need to use a GPS for hours on end, do you necessarily need to use it for hours on end in the rain?

This is all great advice I am going to look into all options and all, thanks all and thanks z1000

I have the baglux tank bag mentioned above, the one that tilts towards you. It’s alright, on occasion the sun catches the plastic window and seeing is a little tricky. But it does the job with the tom tom v1.

Be careful is you’re going to mount a standard TomTom on your bike. If it has a hard drive, the vibrations from the bike could cause it problems. If it uses and SD card, then it’ll be fine. Or if you put it in something like a tankbag/map holder.

I have a Rider2. Great piece of kit and got it for a decent price new off ebay.


Only the high end car satnavs - for example the ones with UK, Europe and US mapping have ever had HD. I think the Tom Tom 910 is the only Tom Tom Hard Drive model.

I got a zumo at the weekend. Not fitted it yet but looks like it’ll withstand a monsoon! That comes with both a car like sucker mount and a handle bar mounting bracket. Can be hard wired in (using the handle bar bracket) or use a 12v outlet socket with the car style sucker mount.

Bearing in mind Garmin was the company the US military awarded the contract for GPS in the first place…