TomTom Rider earpiece?

What does this look like? I may have lost mine and keep finding those for mobile phones (one earpiece) and walkmans (walkmen?), but I seem to think it had a longer lead than the one I’m using at the moment (too short a lead to reach the pockets), which is also very painful to use.

The other one it came with, the big round one that can be attached to the helmet lining is absolutely useless, as I can’t hear a peep out of it once the engine is running. Does anybody else have this problem with this earpiece if you’re using it?


I’m using my motorola blue tooth. Any blue tooth will communicate with your tomtom, it’s a matter of you find the one you will fell more confortable in the helmet

Damn, it is the one I’m using, and it’s too short to reach my pockets, so I have to keep it attached to my shirt instead now until I get a new one, as it hurts too much with the Arai. Cezar, how much am I looking to spend getting something similar?

I just don’t understand why the other, round one, is so crap inside the helmet! I can hear it loud and clear before I turn the engine on, but after that it just goes so faint I can’t make anything out. I thought that would be ideal so I wouldn’t have to have anything in my ears except perhaps earplugs, and certainly nothing that will rip my ear off as I take the helmet off