TomTom Rider Chaps

Guys, given the news that they only come with UK maps, i now have a DVD with all the European maps on. Did one of you guys want to PM me so i can send a copy to you to see if indeed load these ?



Done! Done! Do I need to get a bigger memory card?

Didnt think the rider had cards in it… But if it does then maybe

Come along to the cubanas later on and you will see it working



And where do you get the SD cards?

Currys, Comet, PC World, Jessops

anywhere like that…

Jeez, I wish the guy who set up my TomTom just a couple of weeks ago had been told about this! I would have waited. He never told me that (a) as soon as I bought it, the price was reduced by £50 and (b) that immediately afterwards, the new (cheaper) one would come with European maps. Grr, so not happy with the level of customer service I’ve received, I feel like complaining…

It is quite poor that they don’t keep you in the loop.

Glad I didn’t buy last week then. What happens if you wait another week. Map of the world?

get it Mini_mo! I’m in love with it!

They look pretty cool but how does it work if you ride with earlplugs all the time ? Also doesn’t look like it will mount to a bike with clip-ons that easily or does it ? Sweet product otherwise…

It comes with two separate ear plugs: one that goes in your ear (actually very comfortable and stays there) and a velcro one that sits snugly in the little space in your lid. Haven’t tried that yet with earplugs (as don’t use them in my city commute), so can’t say how well you can hear the directions.

Charlie installed my TomTom, so not sure how easy it was, but it comes with three different brackets and instructions on how to fit them.

how much was it and is a tom tom rider

Steve, just PM Charlie and he will let you know all the details

So does that mean that if we wait we’d get the Euro maps for 499 less LB discount in a couple of weeks then?

OK, Charlie: why does my TomTom think I’m not at home? First it said my location was the Ace, now it thinks I’m in Norwood High Street(I’ve never knowingly been there!). Says it’s lost the signal, and doesn’t do anything now, every route plan I do is from Upper Norwood which is of no bloody use if I want to go into the deepest Kent from Chelsea. It just won’t update or find GPS signal!!! Broken already?

Told ya tom tom was crap.

You may well be right… However, it’s come alive again, and I’m back in SW3, phew!

GPS needs a few minutes to reaquire if it is moved from its last known ‘fix’ to a new place. Leave it near a window or on your bike for 5 mins powered up before you set off.

Also, be careful about maybe discussing the potential of maybe sharing copied software online, it is illegal and can easily be traced.

Tom tom is good, it’s only weakness is the characterisitics of GPS in built up areas