TomTom Rider 1 mount kit

Additional mount kit for sale. The actual cradle has been used, but the rest of the kit is brand new.

£15 plus postage.

The box includes:

1 RIDER holder

1 Handlebar Mount

1 Adhesive Mount

1 Handlebar Adapter

1 Mirror Mount





i need this asap mate…

will buy this from you…:D.


Dont rust him Tom. he’s a messer :wink:

you really are a tit moto…:cool:.


I will have the Tom Tom mount

It was sold nearly 2 years ago :wink:

So why aint you removed it or advised its sold…???

Did you ever buy a scooter or any parts from these : or … and did you ever get your top box/plate and screen :

You didn’t report back in to let us know?

I feel you owe us that explanation.

why is some1 going back through 2 yrs of posts to say will buy it, is the question you should be asking, ffs.

Got none of it, will still buy if anyone has anyof it for sale.