TomTom itineries and software

Anyone got any good TomTOm itineries?

I tried making some of my own before, think I posted them on the boxhill forum, but they had a few glitches didn’t really work very well.

Making them on the device is a bit painful too.

I keep meaning to give Google-TomTom a go -

Jebus, I’m still trying to figure out how to get my Tom Tom to take me from A to B, nevermind anything in between!

I’ve just found a utility ( that convert AutoRoute, MapPoint and MapSource to TomTom, so the question is now, "does anyone have some good routes stored as TomTOm, AutoRoute, MapPoint or MapSource itineries?

Thank you very much mate for that link to the converter.

No probs! Hope your french is better than mine, let me know if it works… and post up your itineries if they are good rides.

Decided I’m going to set up a little site with links to resources for TomTom, with a biking slant. Any suggestions for content or links would be cool.

Been looking for this kind of thing for ages… will be giving this a go today.