TomTom Advice Please

Amazon sell both an Urban Pro Rider and a Rider V2. Which is the more recent? Which is the better? What are the differences?


I have the Urban Rider which is what Tomtom tout as the newest version. I think one of the main differences is capacity. I think the V2 has an SD card slot which can only take up to 2GB so couldnt take all maps at the same time. EDIT Just read you can but you need to remove the card.

Oh one other thing, the TTR2 has a paid for traffic service. Its up to you if you would need that on a bike I guess. I think its about £30 the UR does not have this function.

The UR is all inbuilt memory.

The pro has the scala headset with it so if you have a BT headset already save a few quid and just get the rider.

If one is cheaper than the other I would get the cheapest, between the two I dont think you are going to see any functionality differences.

Check the classifieds here, I put a code up and got one from TomTom direct (refurb) for about £190. Came in a retail box with all the bits.

Thanks for that. Found the refurb page but for the life of me I can’t find a Buy button or Add to Cat. :frowning:

hmm gash website, looks like they are out of stock. Why dont you call them and see if they can do anything for you, worth asking…always!

I’ve got the Rider v2 and it has usually got me to where I was aiming for.

Yes, it does only have a 2Gb but you simply copy the contents to a bigger card and use that.

My main issue is that when you do a map update (which has got a LOT quicker recently) it invariably erases all the Favourites, which is a bit tedious. I’m not sure whether the Urban has the same failing.

My mount is wired into the bike as the battery doesn’t last long enough for a trip to France.

I’ve got a rider V2 and just thinking the other day what a great bit of kit it is. Very rare that a bit of tech hardware lasts more than a year before it’s made redundant by the next big thing but the Tomtom is one of those gadgets that does all it needs to so doesn’t really need upgrading. Although having said that I am going to look into the map upgrades mentioned. :slight_smile: I run mine off it’s battery and fully charged it’s fine for a day’s riding if you turn it off when you stop and for the bits of the route you know. I also dispensed with the headset early on as I found it distracting being nagged to turn- the screen gives you all the info you need. Also quite fun comparing your actual time to destination with the time it says when you set out…you normally manage to shave a few minutes off :wink:

OK, I’ve gone for a cheap setup. It seems that the Argos deal was a run-out offer and they no longer stock them at the run-out price (£149). If you got one from Argos when they had them then you got a good deal.

As my use is occasional use of a satnav usually for trips to London and usually my usage will be for an hour or so, I’ve gone for a Garmin 1340 at £85 from Amazon (, a waterproof handlebar holder at £14 ( and a USB cable for £1 to charge the device at home from either my PC or my iPhone mains charger (

Oh, and I when I ordered it, I found that I qualified for a free carrying case for use off the bike ( The satnav is able to use CityExplorer maps enabling it to be used to find pedestrian routes through London by bus or Underground so having it as a handheld device is a bonus.

So, I’ve spent £100 all in for a bar-mounted satnav. I’ll let you know how I get on with it.

Don’t - get a Garmin instead :slight_smile:

You mean - a Garmin instead of the Garmin I already referred to in my previous post? :laugh: