Toms New Toy

Worth it ???,4-2007230618,00.html

The bike should suit him as its quirky and shouldnt be allowed in the public eye.

Not sure about the name

That looks very like PDQ’s Battlemax. I’d post a pic if I could find one online … but the bike is still on show in the back of PDQ’s main showroom. Awesome piece of kit!

Wonder if Tom was standing on his usual box when they measured his height?

Yeah, it’s worth it. That picture was of the standard Bimota Tesla, not the Vyrus custom. Consider that you pay £60k+ for a real custom bike, this is good value I think. If you’re in this sort of market, it’s a non issue really. The Vyrus bike is fantastic and very unique.

I’d still have a Desmosedici RR though

looks like a rip off the of the TESI? unless his other bikes are decent he needs having a word with