Tomorrow Sunday 18th - Little outing - lunch - sea air :-)

Box Hill(Rykers) - Lunch on the coast at the Blue Bird - back up to Box

OK well I can’t be out to early or be out to late tomorrow so will have to give the Jets ride a miss :frowning:

But want to get out on the bike for a bit though, so thought I’d have ride down to the Blue Bird cafe on the coast for lunch :slight_smile:

Your very welcome to come if anyone fancies a little outing and I’ll swing by Box Hill about 10:42 :hehe: … nothing planned or course but will find a mixture of roads I guess, bit of lunch and back up to Rykers for mid afternoon… probably about err about 110+ miles ish round trip I guess…

Please do post up or let me know though as I won’t go via Box if nobody else is coming.

how are you my dear? long time no see!

i would absolutely love to join you, but i cant as i need new brake discs so i have to give weekend escapades a miss until thats sorted.

hope you’ll have a lovely day and see you soon.

Thanks Alba …hopefully see you soon girl :slight_smile:

A blue sky day :slight_smile:
few pics …

wow that was a really beautiful day!

nice pics Geoff.

Shame we could not join you, the Bluebird Cafe does lovely food.:slight_smile:

I see you was graced with the bloody cold and plenty of sunshine too Geoff

That Whiteways Cafe looks like an ice cream stop :ermm:

We never had an ice cream stop :frowning: