Tommy Turbo's 08 R6 STOLEN - LA08 WPJ

Tommy is on the forum but doesnt post that often… but got some bad news from him this morning…

His bike was stolen between 11pm and 8am this morning in South Croydon, around Hailing Park.

It’s a Black/Grey R6 Registration LA08 WPJ.

Standard bike with no minimal mod’s…I’ll get some photos up when I get them from him.

He’s gutted :crying:, just had a text through from him. If anyone is in the area or SE London please keep a look out. Been a bad day for the bikers today with Westie’s going too… scum bags.

gonna look at upping my security, you get an uneasy feeling when you see how many people on here are losing their bikes. there was a few over the last couple of weeks.

Barstewards, hope they get the thieving gits. Makes me glad I live out of town with all these thefts :ermm: (runs to the window to check bike)

Hope you get it back!

I think it should be a made a principle now to have anchor & chain security when you buy a bike. sorry for the loss

anymore details from where and what security he had so we can learn from his exp. thanks

Hailing Park Road was the road it was taken from… I’ll have tommy post up the exact details.

Sorry to hear the bad news. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. I have had my alarm go off twice in the past three weeks at sort of 2-3am times. Nevermind the heuugge chain that secures it too a tree…

not another one :frowning:

Ferol, I live out of town too, but mine was taken last week right outside my house. Seriously, I don’t think anywhere is safe at the mo.

Tommy Turbo hope you get some good news on your R6.


I hope you also get your bike back soon Tommy, or a quick pay out:(

Grrrr, fugging a holes, why can’t they just leave what’s not their’s!!! :angry:


Sun’s out and the thieving scumbag season’s started. It’s getting drearily monotonous already. Why can’t a few of these scrotes be caught and strung up, pour encourager les autres?

I wouldn’t be surprised if its the same scum who took Westie’s.

Sorry for his loss. As I said on Westie’s thread, I’ll keep an eye out at the Pounds but I reckon they’ve long gone and stolen to order.

Argh sorry to hear of this. I live locally so will keep an eye out. Pics would be helpful.

Might be worth your friend popping by Imperial Way of a Sunday to see if it’s being wheelied.

gee so bad news…sorry for your loss Tommy, will keep my eyes peeled, same for Matt…hope you get it back…

Nice One for the Post Kelv

Its long gone by now. Just as i was getting warmed up for summer :frowning:

Any case the pic of the bike is my avatar…

Someone asked about security:

The bike had an immobiliser, an Oxford Disc Lock on Front - Oxford Hardcore XL on Rear ( Not chained to anything). It was in the drive way of my flat sandwiched between a car and wall. The scrotes must have been double joined to have squeezed it out of there or more likely 6-stone heroin addicts.

Previously I had it chained to the lamp post on the street before i got a £50 fine and told to move by the council. Doubt that would have stopped them

Lesson learnt. Next bike i’m getting an alarm fitted and some sort of flame throwing device.

It was taken in South Croydons leafy suburb of Haling Park so definately a stolen to order.

Sorry Westie. Feel your pain


sorry to hear about ya bike bud…

security on a biek liek that for me would have to be top notch, Almax chains…ground anchors etc when biek is parked keep it covered at all times.

sounds liek your was a pro job mate not smackheads…

hope itsf found.

Sorry to hear of another one - I know it’s preaching to the converted, but stealing bikes is a low risk criminal activity ( for the scumbags ).

Knock over a Post Office for 2 grand, risk a 10 year stretch, steal a 7k bike risk having to spend a weekend painting an old lady’s garden shed.

Until that’s addressed more and more new bikes will simply disappear to be broken or exported.

What’s to be done? I don’t know - to a committed bike thief there’s precious little that can be done to stop him having it away, as many here will testify. Unless the powers to be can deter thieves with stiffer penalties we’re all pssng in the wind, bikers are seemingly low priority in the grand scheme of crime figures?