Tom Tom Rider


Just bought a Tom Tom Rider and looking at mounting it on an SV. Anyone else tried this or used the adhesive mount to put it in clipons? Is the adhessive sturdy enough?

Any advice would be great.



The chap to speak to is CharlyBR600-RR - he’s a genius with these things…

He installs them for a living and has mounted them on most bikes so will be able to offer you some good advice on what to do.


I’d agree with that - mine is on it’s way back to TomTom yet again…


On it’s way back to Tom Tom again!? That doesn’t sound encouraging!

I’m expecting delivery soon so Charley I may well be in touch. Im hoping the handlebar mount might work too, but that RAM mount system looks like it ain’t going know where!

The original mounts had quite crap plastic ‘grab’ bars which worked lose over time and didn’t hold the unit in place… they’ve sent me a whole new mount once… but failed to send the actual bit that was causing the problem… so I’m just waiting for that now… wish I’d bought a proper mount now.


Cheers for your help I certainly don’t want to loose it as I have a few plans for trips next year! Charley I’ll be in touch as soon as I get it.

Charley fitted mine and I’m really pleased with it.

I thought it would be easy and I made an attempt to fit it myself but ended up getting one of those fiddley little screws stuck and the bit you stick the Allen key in had gone round. Not to mention that none of the mounts provided would work with my bike.

Excuse the technical language

i was pleased to fit mine! its a brill piece of kit, gets me out of trouble and a lot more when i need it to!!!

I want a GPS for the bike and car, but im in 2 minds which one to get. Its either the Tom tom Rider or the Garmin Zumo. My mind says go for the Grmin as it is actually better, but the Tom tom is cheaper and thats what my wallet say`s.

… ah be careful with the Zumo… it’s not better it’s actually a right royal pain in the bum… Garmin really dropped the ball on that one.


absolutely it’s a real let down - not very good at all - I’ve now ordered the touratech system ready for the russia trip.

I’ve been lucky enough to have the Zumo for a week now - and it’s driving me up the bloody wall - it’s crap… the user interface is sooooo confusing and the PC software makes me want to throw it through the wall…

must post some pics of the UI…

now here is the mother of all TomTom Rider mounts… but at £103 you may be running for the hills


The only place I could see to fit my Rider on my CBR600 was on the left clip-on using the supplied bracket which replaces the bracket on the clutch lever.

The only snag now is, I can’t use my tank bag, 'cause the rider sits in the way. Couldn’t find anywhere else for it to go.

Great bit of kit though, I use mine on the bike and all day in the Lorry. Does need a bit of interpretation though.

I saw a TTR mounted on a Pan European saturday the guy had used a honda varadero heated grip control mount.

It had been drilled to fit the TTR back plate.

It’s an 1995 FS. I can’t find anywhere else for it.

All I can do, if I want to use the Tank Bag, is put the TTR inside the clear map pocket. Not ideal I know, but it’ll do for now.

Just seen the tomtom rider for £229, is this a good price.

It’s floating around at about £250 at the moment so that’s not bad - Charlie is the person to speak to he can do it for a very good price which would include fitting :slight_smile:


Ride all you Tom Tom Rider fans… mine’s having some issues and I wonder whether anyone else’s is doing the same?

On Saturday I went to turn it on, and it started misbehaving. It’s been dropped before, but not recently, so I doubt it’s that. When I turn it on normally, it gives me access to the full menu, not the limited menu which you get when you turn it on in the cradle which is hard-wired in. It doesn’t even let it pick “navigate to home” (nevermind navigate to anywhere else) before it’s found a signal either, which is really irritating.

Also, it took well over 10 minutes to find a signal this morning. I wasn’t in particularly high-rise area (in fact, there’s loads of open space round where I live)… another weird thing.

The third random thing is that when it’s finally found a signal, and I put it in the cradle, it turns itself off but not completely off. I press the button again, and it goes straight back into the route it was planning, or what have you.

Anyone, any ideas?! If I do a hard reset thing, will it wipe all of my favourites etc?


Sounds to me like it’s got a little confused… as all computers do over time… and needs a reset - grab a pin and press the button in the tiny hole in the waterproof cover where your SD card lives… that should sort most of your issues out.

I have the same screen as you until I get a signal - it’s a safety thing so whilst you’re moving it doesn’t present you with too many options and the options is does present you with a all very glove friendly (nice and big) But the problem of cours is that when you have no signal it can’t tell if you’re moving or not… hence the basic screen over the advanced one…

All the other stuff just sounds like memory errors which will be solved by the reset.



Finally got my Tom Tom Rider today. Unfortunately the bike didn’t start this morning so it’s at the dealers being sorted! Alternator packed in according to the AA, but anyway thats another story!

Been playing around with the Tom Tom this afternoon and I was wondering whether you can use any old SD card with it rather than the tiny one they give you with it?