Tom Tom maps

anyone know where I can download updated TomTom maps?

Have a tom tom one but because I’ve re-installed the old software version don’t want to do it through Home…

Tom Tom today did not recognise the existence of the Hindhead tunnel :smiley:

I have a Tom Tom. It doesn’t recognise a lot of things built after 1987

ah so it would seem that the only place to legally download them is from TomTom! Well things can’t have changed that much, surely :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Next ride I plan may end up in a lake :smiley:

My TomTom has alwayts firmly believed that you can drive SOUTH on the Tottenham Court Road…

The Tottenham Court Road has been Northbound ONLY since 67… and I’m pretty sure there were no GPS Prototypes round in them days… TomTom is VERY suspect… always treat with GREAT caution

There’s plenty of roads missing on SatNavs

Having the latest map doesn’t guarantee you’ll have the latest roads either

Enfield Town Centre has never been right

I know but let’s keep the conversation to maps, eh? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: