Toe curlingly dated and cheesy promo vid for my bike. . .

It makes it look like the T’Ace came out in the 80’s for f*cks sake . . . :smiley:

“Yea baby! Master of the mid-range!”


To be fair Garret I think that the video is an accurate reflection of our glamorous lifestyles and success with women since we bought our Yamahas. . . :Whistling:

They’ve just got to have been having a laugh when they made this, there’s no way this was ever intended to have been taken seriously :w00t:

What? Do you mean the Yamaha Thunderace!? :w00t:

I’m really hurt now :crying: :smiley:

Just what I was thinking! Hehehe

I get bored of all the flirtatious croupiers!

Wouldn’t be seen dead on a yellow bike with matching leathers though! :wink:

Yeah Garret - it was a novelty at first - but now I find all the attention from these floozies just tedious. . . :smiley:

Ha ha ha , check out that shocking rebound setting on the thundercat at 3:29, boing boing boing

It’s lardy enough to be an 80’s bike, just missing a pair of braces!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

PTim - it looks lardy because of the bulbous bodywork! - Underneath all that bloated plastic it’s actually lighter than a ZX7R - a 750 and not a litre bike like the Ace!

It’s actually a really good bike - litre engine in a frame and geometry taken from the FZR750 - but yes - to be brutally honest the Thunderace was a stop gap - Yamaha was taking a breather when they produced it before putting in all the effort that resulted in the R1.

PMSL :laugh:

Those are classic era Yamahas though.

FZR 750, FZR 1000, Thundercat, Thunderace, R1 and R6.

All fantastic machines.


Engine is good, the fazer’s have a detuned version.

Crap video!