Today's the day!

Sitting at metropolis vauxhall, waiting to be taken to Uxbridge to start training for Mod1. Test tomorrow.

Feeling confident but unsure of just what to expect.

I’ll try to update at lunch or when I finish.

Good luck wi’dat!:cool:

good luck mate but pretty sure you’ll sail through mod 1

Good luck :slight_smile:

wont wish you good luck, as driving tests should be about luck,

but since you have experience riding, you should sail through it.

mod 1 is the hard bit though

Sitting in chingford having lunch. Apparently we’ve covered all the slow speed stuff and went on a ride to practice all the high speed stuff and get advice for mod2.

Steak burger and chips :smiley:

Fatty :stuck_out_tongue:

What you riding?

I’m using my own YBR.

Did a mock test and she said if I can repeat what I did, i’ll pass with no problems.

Good luck!! Am sure you’ll be fine:)

Good luck for tomorrow mate.

Good luck with it…sure you’ll p!$$ it