Today's story (bit long!)

Are you sitting comfortably?..Then I’ll begin:

It had finally come to the end of a long long long day, a day which was particularly and excruciatingly boring, and one in which poor little Flick would rather have been prising off her own fingernails with a blunt screw driver during an earthquake.

Anyway, off Flick went, looking forward to riding her beloved bike (Sylvia) home. Flick went down to Sylvia, whom she’d left in the solo motorcycles only bay only hours before, to find Sylvia in the solo motorcycles bay - with a ticket - with 3 other bikes - with tickets! and 3 parking attendants, and 1 big white van.

Well poor little Flick goes back up to her office to borrow somebody’s camera phone to take pictures of her bike being well within the bay. Whilst she is doing this, the 3 no less, 3 ugly stupid parking attendants emerge from the close by suspicious looking white van. Flick asks why all these bikes have been ticketed and the attendant replies “cos this bay’s been cancelled”. “What do you mean” replies poor little Flick “I’ve just taken a picture of the white lines outlining the bay and there are no signs to say that the bay is suspended”.

[god, why oh why am I always moaning about parking?!]

“but the bay’s been cancelled”

“???!?!!?!!!???” replied Flick

“the bay has been blacked out. The reason you can see the white lines is cos the blacking is wearing off”

“but that’s not fair then”

“but the bay’s been cancelled. I can see it looks like a valid parking bay, but it’s been cancelled”.

“but if it looks like a bay then you can’t ticket us, you have a responsibility” pleaded Flick desperately hoping the parking attendant could cope with 6 syllable words “to make it clear the bay is suspended”

“but the bay’s been cancelled. I can see it looks like a valid parking bay, but it’s been cancelled. I noticed this confusion this morning and “rang it in”(??) and I was told not to ticket anybody, but I suppose someone else has just come along and ticketed you all anyway”.

“well, that’s outrageous. Shouldn’t Westminster council have informed ALL parking attendants that bikes in this bay were not to be ticketed for the time being, and arranged for temporary signs to be erected to make the situation clear?”

“I can see it looks like a valid parking bay, but it’s been cancelled”.

Well, at this point, Flick was really about ready to lose the plot in a mightily big way, so just returned her friend’s camera phone with thanks and went to leave. Suddenly, she had an idea! She scribbled on 3 post its: Hi! I’ve been ticketed too! Please email … and I’ll let you know what the parking attendant told me. Flick". Hopefully, everyone will appeal and that will be one over the wretched parking attendants

Trying to forget the whole event, Flick continued home via a mini supermarket to buy wine and cake. As always, she ended up with a few more things in her basket than she intended too, but oh well. She queued up at a cashiers, shopping on the conveyer belt, time to pay…ot oh…where’s wallet? where’s wallet!!!

hmm, Flick vaguely remembered it last on her desk - great. Quick call to aforementioned friend with the camera phone - “could you tell me if my wallet is on my desk please, I’m standing at the till in a supermarket with my shopping”!

Poor little Flick then decided to give up on the evening entirely, continuing home with her penalty charge notice tucked in her pocket and an empty space where wine, cake and a wallet should have been.


Flick came into 2 emails from stranger bikers this morning intrigued to know who was crackers enough in London to leave contact details with strangers! However, so far, the stranger bikers seem to be normal people, thankful of Flick’s news, and will be off on their own merry ways to appeal – mission accomplished! (subject to appeals failing)!


PS – parking bay = Tallis Street, EC4 – be careful!

Well done with the photos and contacting the other two!

And I totally agree with you - there can’t be worse day ending than the cakeless one…


No cake.

Good story and hopefully positive result. I’m impressed that the wardens spoke English. I thought it was deliberate policy to employ non-English speakers to avoid them getting into heated debates.

Oops, bad luck, but congratulations for having the initiative to take the pictures and share your details with the others. You’ve done the right thing, and no doubt the tickets will be quashed when you contest them!

Sorry to hear that Flick! You did very well on contacting the others so you all can use the same argument! Well done!

Nice one! … I hope you get a good final result … fingers crossed!

But, no cake & wine?!! … how did you manage!?

aww poor Flick, well today is a new day anything can happen you could win the Lotto today

Congrats on helping the others flick. Let us know how the appeal goes won’t you.

Well done flick, think you will prob win this, bloody parking attendants… And no cake, what can i say, hope today was better for you

Poor Flick indeed! thanks all!

am having better day today and have just written letter - looking forward to confirmation that the penalty charge notice will be quashed, as soon as possible - and as soon as mate has downloaded pics i’ll be sending it off.

and the cake - well, at least i saved the pounds - in more ways than 1!

Well legaly if the bay looks valid and there are no notices then they cannot do anything about it. Its the same as parking on very worn double yellow lines, if they can’t be bothered to maintain there road markings, they can’t do anything.

Go luck though

I have to start my letter complaining to Ealing council about there 3rd world like roads

Isn’t EC4 in the Corporation’s area, not Westminster?

Anyhow, make sure you’ll get your appeal in before the deadline! That way there won’t be any delays. When they’ll turn it down, as no doubt they will (mine always get turned down first with a note saying I “haven’t given them enough grounds to cancel the PCN”, send your appeal immediately to the adjudicator. Apparently, 70% of cases are solved in the motorists’ favour once they go to the adjudicator (just a single barrister, so will have sympathy towards the little people).

If not, PM me, as I’m the LB parking fairy!

Well done for leaving notes for the other bikers, too! Not many people would have bothered, I fear.

Good luck!

Meet at the weekend for coffee & cakes?

Good luck with that.

thank you, and thanks Paivi and project for those tips, i’ll bear them in mind.

(Yep, tis Corp LOndon, I wrote that in my letter, I was just testing on here - well done Paivi, you’ve passed)!