Todays ride home....

On the way home today, this guy pullout in front of me, so I swerve round him and beep and my pillion knocks his door with his door to let the nob know we were there…
So I hear shouting and we pull up after the jnc on the right hand side of the road because he blocked us driving past (I was going to stop anyway) then the dick opens his door slams I into my leg, im not pleased then realised he was too close to get out.
So I sat there for 3-4 mins while his on his phone and taking pics of me.
And he’s blocking traffic so I just go off ahead and pull up in a side road.
He then pulls up and blocks the whole road and I’m standing there with my pillion for a good 10 mins while he doesn’t get out his car…

So then we decide to stay, will only get us I’m more trouble by leaving.

Then the prick reverses down the road, my mates standing behind my bike… He reverses very close to him and me, so I moved. Oli stood his ground.

Then the prick reversed into his leg and kept going forcing oli back while he was standing there protecting my bike, ignoring my orders for him to not bother risking injury!

At this point he was then… 1/4 of a foot from my bike (appx). And reversed back slightly so I hit his car with my hand to stop him hitting it.
Then he drove off…

We were off the bike, lid and gloves off waiting to talk to him.
This guy didn’t even get out his car…
This guy watching tried to talk to him and said he was just pissed off and for us to go. But we went when he had left.

So, expecting a call from the police.
I have a good case, he drove into my mates leg… Left the scene…

Black jag XF - plate: ‘3 SBD’
Watch for the bugger!

PS - I know Oli shouldn’t have kicked his car, I know I’ll get flamed for that, but it wasn’t my choice and it was the only way swell as beeping to get his attention.