Today's NEWS, 170mph biker

Read the story in the paper… if you feel to comment. This also links to Wasp’s post but has video:

I did find a video but I am not sure if it is the correct one… can’t really see anything wrong with his riding except that he goes over the 3 digit mark.

OK after watching the video… them doing 170mph has NOTHING to do with him dying or the reason he was hit. The biker got hit by a car that obviously saw them coming… or probably didn’t see them coming because cars don’t have mirrors these days:(. The guy got hit at lower speed, same speed as the cars they were trying to overtake… so about between 60-70mph. Again… no idea what the 170mph has to do with the way he died.

Nothing wrong with they riding? To fast, dangerous overtaking etc. Nothing wrong indeed…

Obviously you don’t go on any LB rides:D:P

On a serious note… we all did over 150mph at one time at least just to see how it is. I know I have, hands up… not gonna say when and where… I was close to 170mph and I know some of yous got close to the 200mph but you are all good people and ride nicely. I see that kind of riding on LB, specially with the more advanced riders… I could name a few right now. This doesn’t make them idiots.

Maybe he should have accelerated slower overtaking that car… maybe it was bad luck, who knows. I see his mate was keeping his distance and I don’t think that car saw him, then again why would that car signal and try overtaking on that road? Considering the car was slower and you clearly see the incoming traffic?? Can’t see that car overtaking that fast before the incoming traffic would have had to avoid it.

OK, he was careless with some overtakes… high speeds… but the way the accident happened was unfortunate and I would still like to know why the hell that car would try and overtake with incoming traffic coming.





To be honest, I don’t think the driver was in the wrong at all, he appeared to be signalling and starting his overtake before the biker passed the grey car. IMHO it was the bikers fault entirely and he should have clearly seen that the car in front was signalling and starting to overtake the other vehicle.

As for overtaking when there’s oncoming traffic, I know of several road where it’s quite easy to overtake when there’s traffic heading towards you as the road is plenty wide enough. This road looked pretty much the same to me.

I’m more fuking shocked that you’ve posted this on a bike forum for bikers to see another biker dying, what the fuk!!! why the hell would u want to see that! ive seen too many mates die on bikes, and for you to post this, its fuking shocking!

Yes, it’s shocking…but also reality. Don’t see any problem with posting and if you don’t want to be shocked leave the mouse alone. Seeing vids like this might just make somebody think next time they go for a tear up…

Yep - I think it’s good to have a pretty spot on idea of what happens when it all goes tits up at high-speed - Getting pleasure or entertainment out of this material is sick and wrong - but I think watching this stuff can work as a reality check and if it means people take stock of their riding and don’t go on to kill and injure themselves then that’s positive.

Yep, got to agree, I appreciate that posting/viewing the demise of anyone can be both shocking and harrowing.

However - it’s a thought that if only one rider, on one occasion, doesn’t replicate an overtake or a similar manoeuvre and his/hers life is saved because they have seen what can happens when it all goes wrong -then it’s viewing is vindicated.

That alone is valid reason for posting.

the car was at fault as you are not allowed to cross the hatching in the middle of the road and he clearly does where as the bikes don’t …

and as for condeming the riding i seem to remember a video from sussex police where the video on the police bike shows him doing a lot more dangerous manouvers than these guys did , one law for them again !

if the drive of the car had even bothered to pat attention before trying swerve round the car in front before the camper coming other way and you can see just how closely he is following the car he is about to overtake too …clearly driving with due care …

Agreed, looked like pretty poor riding in places IMHO. Wasn’t using all the space available to increase “margin-for-error” on the overtakes. May be he didnt consider that someone elses error would effect him…That might be why he’s dead…RIP

On the “margin-for-error” theme, overtaking vehicle with any more the 15-20mph speed difference is rarely safe practice…

I thought that was only if the hatching was surrounded by a solid line??

Where its a broken line I believe you are allowed to cross it if safe to do so but only cross a solid line in an emergency.

The driver was well within his rights to cross into the hatched area as it wasn;t surrounded by a solid whit line. The Highway Code tells you this :

Areas of white diagonal stripes or chevrons painted on the road. These are to separate traffic lanes or to protect traffic turning right.
if the area is bordered by a broken white line, you should not enter the area unless it is necessary and you can see that it is safe to do so

Whether or not the overtake was necessary is a whole other arguement as I suppose that very few overtakes are really necessary!

I think that the car driver signalled and started the overtake in plenty of time for the biker to either slow down or pull in, either way I think he could have avoided the accident. Whether or not the car driver checked the mirror first, only they will know for sure but I doubt that they would have seen the bike anyhow with the speed it was travelling and it’s position in relation to them.

no sh*t sherlock! dont u think i already fuking know that as ive witnessed too many flipping mates die. Its at the back of everyones mind but we dont need to fuking see it. How about you leave your fuking keyboard alone and let me have my opinion

tattooist750chick (12/06/2009)

no sh*t sherlock! dont u think i already fuking know that as ive witnessed too many flipping mates die. Its at the back of everyones mind but we dont need to fuking see it. How about you leave your fuking keyboard alone and let me have my opinion[/quote]Wasn’t suggesting that you are not entitled to your opinion ( unlike yourself who clearly thinks I shouldn’d have one if it disagrees with yours)… Seeing this sort of thing provokes thought…sometimes having something “at the back of your mind” isn’t enough and ,as said earlier , if one person looks at this and it gives them a reality check which just might save a life then it’s fine by me…Just because I’m not bleating about lost friends do not presume I haven’t lost a few over the years and if seeing this helps prevent an accident so be it…

very sad news this and dont usually post on these type threads.stacey sorry you have seen this type of thing in person, cant imagine how that affects someone:crying: but if someone can learn from this sad story and is done in the right way, i dont seem the fella

Rusty , rule 109 applies to that one

god thats awful to see, its one of those bad situations, i do feel for the rider and the family.

Not nice to see:angry:

My thoughts go out to the fellas family and loved ones.

Please ride safe out there peeps

im not saying anymore on this just in case i say something wrong…