Todays Google home page

I like that!:cool: Little things, ugh?:wink:

Fuuunky! :smiley:

Looks the same to me!! :ermm:

It comes up as a normal google page?


move the mouse over the google bit, it goes crazy.
dosn’t work in Opera, and my not in others, it does in firefox.

sweet :slight_smile: I like Google’s little games and toys they put up all the time :smiley:

Using IE 7 and it doesn’t do anything when I move the mouse over the Google logo, I feel left out :frowning: Google doesn’t love me :crying:

Obviously it works a treat using Chrome :slight_smile:
It is bloody annoying, though .

haha love it.

could play with it all day :D:D

ooo cool

didnt work in internet explorer though

still got normal google… :frowning:

Looks nice, but wotzit celebrating?

Is it a case of, ‘you can’t see me unless you change your browser to Chrome or Firefox, ner ner ne ner ner’?


Ah, yes. Well spotted, thankq. Its only on Google Chrome:P

it no worky for me neither

That’s cool.

Maybe they are expecting people to download chrome to see it. With this and that Arcade Fire video the other day, I wouldn’t be surprised to more of these Chrome only things. Sounded like they are creating an elitism to get more and more people downloading Chrome.

It’s definitely there for Firefox users too, funky, I can see that there’ll be some money made with it too :wink:


I use Firefox too. Perhaps instead of Chrome only I should have said non-Internet Explorer things :slight_smile:

works fine in IE8

Cool! Takes your mind of the fact that they own the internet.