Today's dose of brown trousers [Video]

He obviously paid attention to the emergency braking part during his CBT.

I call your brown trousers moment and raise you this:

I probably would have ended up on the parcel shelf of the car

Yikes.  He got from 247kph (153mph) at 18 seconds, down to 130kph (80mph) at 20 seconds.  

hogtrumpet’s reply reminds me of that excellent film Freejack.

hogtrumpet's reply reminds me of that excellent film Freejack.
Now it is my turn to be all huffy and offended.

Wow. I did get scared at 19 seconds. Idiot car driver not looking

That said, at those speeds you take your chances and place unrealistic trust in the awareness of everyone else.

I’m with blowpipe. You can’t expect car drivers to be looking out for motorcycles doing 250kph constantly.

Shit the bed.

I'm with blowpipe. You can't expect car drivers to be looking out for motorcycles doing 250kph constantly. ShaunC
In the autobahn, yes you should. There are no speed limits, so if you're going left lane you better know you have space.

We’ve all probably been somewhere near that scenario, I certainly have. The car driver probably did all he all could have been expected to do. How do you estimate the speed of a distant motorcycle in your mirrors when its approaching at such a speed?

Besides it wasn’t just one car that pulled into lane 2 for the overtake!

Without wishing to completely exonerate the car driver’s responsibility to look properly, anyone who approaches two cars, fails to anticipate an overtake, and puts themselves in danger…

It’s like most of our riding, you ride defensively, or you choose to ride ignoring the risks that stare you in the face. Or worse, you don’t even see the risk. Neither scenario is conducive to safe riding.

Some top breaking, can’t deny that.

That’s pretty quick for a 250cc :smiling_face:

There is a recommended 130kph, but this is why a lot of autobahns have limits. I see this a lot in Belgium with cars when people indicate and pull out in same movement.

Whilst the autobahn may be limitless, I think everyone owes it to those around him to ride appropriately. Doing 250kph, on a dual carriageway, approaching two cars, is a bit silly.

I too think the car driver is a bit to blame but at those speeds, he may have looked, seen nothing and suddenly a bike is behind you. Likewise the biker may not have had enough time (or skill) to assess the situation.

250 kph… they guy on the car might have looked, but he would have never been able to judge the speed of the bike accurately… an indicator would have helped the biker though… that is some impressive braking

Driver probably had a quick glance and saw nothing there then made the move. In Holland you learn Mirror, Mirror, Blind spot, Indicate, Mirror, Mirror, Blind spot, move. Because you check both mirrors twice it enables you to judge the speed of anything that’s behind you. I think it’s a good approach. It’s also to stop you mowing down the cyclists that are everywhere in town.