Today my girls and I are going to Newbury to spend the day with Guy’s sister Mandy because it’s her birthday. There are actually ten of us going from Aylesbury, so we’ve hired a minibus. And you know what that means don’t you…I can get pissssssssed and forget about everything for a few hours!! Yay!!! :smiley:

What sort of things have you lot got planned for today??

Ha wish her Happy Birthday, from us at LB:DMe im diong the garden:) injoy your day it beautiful one:D

blackbirdxx (02/07/2011)

Thanks, I will pass on the message to Mandy. :slight_smile:

Have a great time Amanda and do wish her a very happy birthday and lots of love.

I am out of London today, packing up the house, packing mum’s things to take to her, keep on thinking of that poem ‘the art of losing is not hard to master’ - anyway at least it’s sunny, bright and beautiful.

Good idea to take the mini bus and have a few - you deserve it!

Pondering Hampstead Heath today, some goth picnic, meet up with friends and stuff :w00t:

like you need an excuse!

your back then ?

Had a lovely day yesterday. The weather was lovely and Mandy’s hubby Steve was the BBQ master chef!!

We chatted about all the silly things Guy used to do which really made us laugh, and we all raised a glass to him. :slight_smile: