For those of you not on Flats Ride today ( I overslept…)

What are you all up to today ?

Housework paperwork and possibly a bit of autosol on the chrome and then taking His Nibs out for dinner and the pub quiz as he’s even older tomorrow. So what are you going to do, Tricksie, apart from mope at missing the rideout?

Happy Birthday to his Nibs for tomorrow

Hmmm today…well might give a mate a ring and see if i can persade him to dust off his Bandit and come out for a ride…if he is not out already…

Failing that…housework it is…grrrrrrrrrr

“Failing that…housework it is…grrrrrrrrrr”

Ahh, tradition! Ya cant beat a woman who knows her role …<Taxi!>

Let me at him, let me at him, ohhh wheres that stick…

working at rex judds in west hampstead (well watching world superbikes).dont tell the boss

Hello, Directory Enquires…Can i have the number for Rex Judds Hampstead please, yes i would like to speak to the manager…

Hmmmmm could always go shopping i guess…

If I were brave enough I’d ask if you meant stick as in broomstick… but I’m not so I wont!

A broomstick is always a useful item, can be used to whack cheeky sods round the chops and can be used for housework too…

ANd you are a brave brave man… but is that as long as the missus dont hear you, then its yes dear, no dear, coming dear…

Oi oi! I’ll have you know I wear the trousers in my house thank-you very much… when she lets me

rex judds w/hampstead 02073287659,im in clothing sunday and mondays here and up edgware branch wed thurs.

if your bored and fancy a coffee and watch the racing

Sounds good, but payday is a week away, and then the bike show two weeks after that,

I can feel the credit card bending already…

How good is the coffe and what time do you close ?

coffee not brill next race 14.30,close 16.00pm

Currently in a bar in edinburgh waiting for a cab to take me back to the airport.

Bored as hell, and cracking BSB pics.

have another drink mate mines a jagermister and redbull

i have just got back from box hill

and big sv

is that the bar thats sportie and has comp on every table and is right by the train st???

Well I managed to haul ass out of bed and meet the fellas at Dartford Hilton for 7.45; then headed to Box Hill for a coffee…waved them off at 10 'ish and headed home for some grub. Sorted - ran out of hot water - sorted that then came into the office - where I am now waiting for someone to say all done go home…at least I have the bike for the ride home yipppeeee!

Hope everyone had a good weekend; and todays ride went fine to Portsmouth - good turn out too!

See ya all soon.